How Do You Make A Simple Moonshine Still At Home?

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1 Answer

The recipe sounds simple enough: Mix yeast and molasses with water and let the mixture ferment until it becomes a bubbling cauldron of high-powered booze that is guaranteed to leave drinkers hung over the following morning. Technicalities aside, brewing up a jug of moonshine has romantic roots. From rural Tennessee stills to law-flaunting Prohibition hooch runners, homemade mash has filled the world's alcohol gaps when, for one reason or another, availability, cash and laws have injected themselves between people and their favorite brew. Always looking to circumvent these roadblocks, brewers have found unique ways to get their fixes. The most practical has always been using a do-it-yourself approach to mixing up private label stock. If you long to try your hand at making a batch of moonshine from scratch, this article will get you as far as the construction of the still. Step 1 Check local, state, federal and national statutes to make certain you won't be breaking laws by building a ... more
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