How Do You Make A Six Pointed Paper Throwing Star?

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1 Answer

Paper folding is an ancient Asian art called origami. Using primarily square pieces of paper (sometimes rectangular), origami folds create likenesses of real objects like cranes, cats, flowers and stars. It is debated whether Origami originated in Japan or in China. Japan made origami the known art form that it is today, but paper folding was popular throughout history in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Fold the square in half. Unfold it, then fold in half the other way and unfold. Now the square has a cross through it, making four small squares. Grasp the top left corner and pull it down toward the middle of the bottom squares. Make sure the top right corner comes to a point when making this fold. Take the bottom left corner. Fold it toward the middle of your first fold. Be careful that this fold creates a corner with the bottom right side. The fold in Step 4 will create a little flap. Flip your paper over. Tuck the flap underneath the corner. Flip the paper back over so the ... more
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