How Do You Make A String Anklet?

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1 Answer

Learn how to make single or double cord ankle bracelets. Make special ones for yourself, for your friends, or make to sell online or at craft shows. Use any assortment of beads or charms you may have. Please read through this entire article before you begin. First measure around your ankle and cut a piece of cord or heavy string at least 2 inches longer. Choose your beads making sure the center hole is large enough for the cord to go through. For a single anklet string on your desired beads and tie a small knot after each one. This will keep the beads in place. When you are finished beading simply tie it around your ankle, making a double knot and trim off the excess cord. Charms can be added using jump rings. To make a heavier anklet, braid together 3 strands of cord and add beads on each cord as you braid. To add the bracelet clasp you will need to use a double length of cord .Put one end of the clasp onto the cord and fold it double. String on your beads , add the other end of the ... more
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