How Do You Make A Tattoo Stencil Without Carbon Paper?

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1 Answer

Many tattoo artists choose to make tattoo stencils without carbon paper for a variety of reasons. The main reason is because using a stencil creates a mirror effect of the image that is to be tattooed. Tattoo artists use a light table, or light box, to trace photos and drawings in reverse in order to produce a stencil that represents the drawing in it's original form. In addition, using a light box with tracing paper and hectograph pens or pencils is far more cost effective than using carbon paper. Assemble a light box or light table. A light box or table is little more than a clear piece of Plexiglas or plastic with a light bulb beneath it. This allows the artist to clearly view the photo or drawing to be traced by providing bright and even lighting underneath it. This can be done by making a square hole in a desk and installing Plexiglas over it and a lamp underneath, or by placing a lamp underneath a glass table. Portable table-top light boxes may be purchased from tattoo supply ... more
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