How Do You Make A Tessellation Bird?

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A tessellation is shapes made of paper, ceramics or plastic put together, side-by-side to make a pattern. Sumerians, in 4,000 B.C., were the first people to use tessellations made of clay tiles to decorate their homes. You can create this type of art at home with some inexpensive craft supplies. Making a tessellation bird is a particularly good craft for children because it helps to teach them shapes. Cut a square that is 2-by-2 inches. Paste the square in the center of the blue piece of paper. This will be the body of your tessellation bird. Draw a square that is 2-by-2 inches on a piece of paper. Draw a circle inside the square that touches the edges of the square. Cut out the circle. Cut the circle in half. Butt the flat side of the circle against the top of the square and glue it down. This is the head. Cut another square that is 2-by-2 inches. Cut it in half. Butt the triangle up against the top of the corner of the square so that the triangle is pointing up and just the corner ... more
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