How Do You Make A Tin Man Out Of Cans?

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1 Answer

Everyone loves the tin man from Wizard of Oz, there's just something charming about him! Wouldn't it be great to make something just as charming from our old food cans instead of throwing them away? In this article we will learn how to recycle old cans into tin man art! Take your large can and paint three buttons on the front. These will be simple black circles that are colored in. Another option is to glue actual buttons, cogs from old watches, etc to his front. Take your smaller can and glue the eyes on the front however you like them. You can also use any old washers or bits you have lying around the house if you like. Take your pipe cleaner and attach arms and legs to the larger can with glue. Make a simple foot shape by bending the ends of the pipe cleaner to make an oblong circle shape. Glue the small can to the larger one, so your tin man has a secure head! Paint on a simple mouth. You can also make him a mouth out of buttons. Put your little tin man out to set on a shelf, a ... more
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