How Do You Make A Tote Bag Out Of A Pillow Sham?

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1 Answer

You can make a green friendly tote bag out of a standard size pillow sham. The choice of pattern is varied. Whether you like plain or floral you can find your style. With a minimum amount of supplies you can make the bag for yourself, for a gift or to sell at a craft show or garage sale. Pillow shams can be expensive so your best bet is to look for bargains at thrift shops. I've found them for as little as $2.00. I also picked up a few fancy (and more costly) ones at a going out of business sale at a linen store. Match thread to your sham. You want something that blends in with the pattern of the sham and doesn't stand out. On the one shown above there were cream threads running through the pattern so I used a cream thread. Put pins in the sham to hold the material still while you are sewing. You are sewing on the outside of the sham allowing the ends to show. Sew the first side seam. Keep the stitches as straight as you can and as close to the edge as you can. I tie the ends off in ... more
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