How Do You Make A Trellis For Pumpkins & Watermelons?

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1 Answer

Trellising frees up space in your garden, as vertical crops require less space to grow than sprawling horizontal crops. Trellising also provides more food in less space, which is particularly important for smaller square-foot style gardens and container gardens. Heavy crops like watermelons and pumpkins are a vertical possibility if you choose the smaller varieties. Not any trellis from the garden center will do, as both require a sturdy structure to properly support their weight without damaging the fruit. Pound two 6-foot fence posts into the soil using a sledgehammer, spacing them at a maximum of 4 feet apart. Alternatively, place the posts inside large garden pots and fill with quick-setting cement to secure and weight them. Hammer in the nails along the front of each post, spacing them 4 inches apart. Drive the nail in until just ½ inch protrudes from the wood. Wrap heavy-gauge wire around the bottom nail head on the first post. Twist the wire tightly to secure. Stretch the wire ... more
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