How Do You Make A TV Antenna Signal Stronger?

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1 Answer

If you don’t have cable television, you probably need to use a TV antenna to get reception inside your home. While an antenna can increase your chances of getting some channels, to get others you’ll need to increase that signal. This can be achieved in a variety of ways including using an outdoor antenna, adding to your television antenna and moving things around in the room. Step 1 Use a pre-amplifier or pre-amp. These electrical devices are plug directly into the antenna and provides a boost to increase the signal. You can find them at most electronics stores. Step 2 Add a large antenna to the outside of your house. The two antennas will work together, with the one placed higher getting a better signal and sending it inside. It’s best to put an outside antenna on your roof or one an outside wall as high as you can get. Step 3 Extend the antenna with a piece of speaker wire. This is an old trick that seems to work well to increase the signal of your TV antenna. Just use a small ... more
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