How Do You Make A Twisted Cabin Quilt Block?

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1 Answer

The log cabin quilt block is one of the most basic and popular patterns used today. It is easy to assemble, but can be graphic and versatile.Starting from a central square and growing through the addition of a series of strips, it usually ends as a square block. The interplay of color and value in the block offers the quilt designer some amazing quilt layout options. The addition of a shape variation to the traditional log cabin block adds another element to the design. This is a twist in more ways than one. The twisted log cabin block is three sided, not four sided. It also grows in a series of wedges, not strips, swirling around a central triangle. The careful use of color in this dynamic configuration results in startling and sometimes unforgettable quilts. The twisted log cabin quilt is remarkable because the finished pattern appears to curve, but no curved pieces are used. Invest in quality fabric. Some segments of the quilt are quite small, and quality will show. Select eight ... more
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