How Do You Make A Vegetable Tray Look Like A Turkey?

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1 Answer

Add a cool vibe to your vegetable tray by making it look like a turkey. Serve this for Thanksgiving or for your next party to elicit praise from your guests. Children and adults alike will love the whimsical nature of this way to serve vegetables. It takes a few additional minutes to arrange this vegetable tray, but the stunning results will make your effort worthwhile. Use any of your favorite vegetables you might have on hand for this tray. Even beter, it does not leave you with any dishes to wash after your party ends. Cut a four-inch wide circle in the top of the loaf of bread, angling the knife to remove a cone shape portion of the loaf of bread. This leaves behind a bread bowl. Alternatively, look for pre-cut bread bowls for serving soup at bakeries in your area. Discard the bread "lid" of the bowl. Spread two tbsp of butter or mayonnaise on the inner cut portion of the bread bowl to seal it and prevent the dip from soaking into the bread. Pour the vegetable dip into the bread ... more
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