How Do You Make A Vintage Jewelry Christmas Tree?

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1 Answer

Antique and vintage Christmas decorations are a sought after style accessory for the holidays. That same hunt has spilled over into Christmas crafts. Make a vintage jewelry Christmas tree to add to your own collection of antique decorations. Dig through your boxes of old family costume jewelry or scour local thrift stores and garage sales for an abundance of vintage necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets, with bead and rhinestone embellishments. This project is easy to make and is a fun activity for family quality time. Lay a sheet of newspaper on your craft table. Place a 12-inch tall Styrofoam cone in the center of the newspaper on its side. Place the point of a pencil on the newspaper at the bottom edge of the cone. Roll the cone one full rotation, tracing along the bottom of the cone as you roll and adding a 1/2-inch to each end of the line. Repeat for the top of the cone. Attach the ends of the tracings from the top lines to the bottom lines. Cut out the pattern. Pin the ... more
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