How Do You Make A Windmill From Plastic Bottles?

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1 Answer

What child had not been fascinated by the simple, spinning wind toys? Now, you can offer a child the opportunity to create a windmill--an exciting summer project that will keep them buzzing around with sheer delight. Each child will be excited about the toys they have created using vibrant colors and their own two hands. Today you can give them the opportunity to create a windmill all their own. Nothing could be easier then these windmills, made with recyclables and other inexpensive materials. Read on to learn how to make a windmill from plastic bottles. Prepare more difficult tasks prior to working with children. Cut the bottom off of the two liter bottle using the knife. Use the drill with a 1/8-inch drill bit to make a hole in the center of the bottom from the bottle. Next, drill a 1/8-inch hole into the center of the cap from the bottle. Finally drill a 1/8-inch hole centered 1-inch from the top of the wooden dowel. Let the child help with the remaining steps. Use a permanent ... more
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