How Do You Make A Wreath From Plastic Cups And Christmas Lights?

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1 Answer

Creating a wreath display using plastic cups and Christmas lights is a unique and inexpensive way to decorate that will turn heads. Clear plastic cups work best. Choose a sturdy brand, like Solo, and make your wreath as large as you'd like. Lay the cups in whatever pattern you choose. It will take some trial and error to create the shape and size of wreath you want. You can face the cups in different directions, giving you more freedom in design and adding to your wreath's visual appeal. Glue the cups together with a strong craft glue once you have the ideal shape and positioning. Move slowly, doing one cup at a time and allowing each to dry before moving onto the next. Wait for the whole wreath to dry before adding lights. Weave the lights in, out and around the cups. Lace them through the inside of the cups by puncturing a small hole in the cup. Be careful not to crack the who cup when puncturing. Leave enough of the light cord to plug in to an outlet. more
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