How Do You Make An Ambulance Table Centerpiece?

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1 Answer

Creating a special table centerpiece to highlight the exceptional efforts of firefighters, ambulance persons and other life-saving volunteers can be both a challenge and an honor. One creative way is to mix the whimsical with the serious, giving people photos to share and enjoy while still keeping the mood light and festive. Select a medium to large toy ambulance that comes with assorted emergency figures. Try to find a toy set that comes with lots of bits and pieces like emergency cones and other movable parts. Pick a gray tile that is twice as wide as the width of your truck. This is going to become your table road. Add lines to your road with dashed white tape. Place your tiles along the length of your table, and offset them to create the illusion of bends in the road. (You can place paper towels under the tiles to prevent scratching the tabletop.) Collect photographs that include all of the people who are attending plus photographs of important events or persons who may not be ... more
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