How Do You Make An Awning Using PVC Pipe?

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1 Answer

Whether on your house, RV, or the front of your business, an awning, or a cloth secondary covering, over your windows finishes the look of your facade. But commercially made awnings can cost hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, you don't have to spend that much. You can make an awning out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride pipe) in one afternoon using basic tools and a sewing machine. Sand edges of pipes and inside of pipe fittings. Twist 90-degree pipe elbows into the ends of two of the 3-foot lengths of pipe. Label these pieces "top" and "bottom" with marker. Twist the 90-degree street ELL joint onto the ends of the third 3-foot length of pipe. Label this pipe "Front." Insert the WYE joint into the ELL joint at the angle hole. Join the front piece to the top piece using the 2-foot pieces of PVC pipe. To do this, insert one end of the 2-foot piece of pipe into the 90-degree pipe fitting attached to the top piece. Next insert the other end of the 2-foot pipe into the top arm of the ELL joint. ... more
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