How Do You Make An Indian Bone Choker?

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1 Answer

An Indian bone choker is one of those jewelry pieces that can quickly become a favorite signature piece because of its simple, striking beauty. The simplicity of the bone pendant paired with plain leather cording is a combination that works beautifully together when made into a choker. You are sure to receive many compliments on a choker like this. Learn how to make an Indian bone choker and enjoy wearing this beautiful piece of jewelry. Measure around your neck. Add two inches to this measurement. This will be the length of your choker. Cut the leather cording to the length figured in step 1. Cut two 2-inch pieces of beading wire. Place the pendant onto the leather cording and center it. You can either allow the pendant to move along the leather cording or you may want to tie a simple overhand knot on each side of the pendant to keep it centered. Bend one end of the leather cording approximately 3/4 inch back onto itself. Wrap one of the 2-inch pieces of beading wire around the ... more
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