How Do You Make An Indian Longhouse Craft?

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1 Answer

Indian longhouses are large homes created by the Native Americans to accommodate living quarters for up to as many as 60 people. This Indian longhouse craft can be a creative way to teach children about Native American culture and can be made by using items found around the house and yard. Making an Indian Longhouse Step 1 Cut the cardboard to the size you want for the house. You will need four pieces of cardboard to create the house. Now cut a large piece of cardboard for the base structure which the house will sit on. This cardboard piece needs to be large enough to situate the house and have room for a fire, creek or anything else you want to add to the Indian longhouse. Use markers to draw a window and front door on the cardboard piece. Add windows on all four cardboard pieces. Step 2 Get a twigs, sticks and pieces of bark for the house structure. You can go into your backyard and pick up sticks and pull bark from trees. You will need four sticks for the house. For the roof, you' ... more
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