How Do You Make An Indoor Herb Garden For The Shabby Chic Home?

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Growing your own herbs is very rewarding. An indoor herb garden makes a kitchen feel cozy. When cooking it is so easy and healthy to just reach over and pinch off or cut what you need. Everyone should have an indoor herb garden. When using a muffin tin as a planter keep in mind that dents, scratches, and age add additional character to the overall effect. Start by filling each muffin tin half way with the potting soil. Put in either your seeds or your starter plants. Put a different plant into each tin. Fill in the rest of the way with the potting soil and lightly water. Put on a window sill in your kitchen or other sunny spot. Herbs that grow well and look nice in the muffin tins include chives, lemon basil, cilantro, dill, thyme, and parsley. Mismatched tea cups and tea kettles are so classic and any shabby chic home should have them somewhere in the decorating. The tea kettles can hold plants like mint and basil and oregano that, if allowed too, will grow large. You will probably ... more
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