How Do You Make An Inexpensive Dog Exercise Pen?

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1 Answer

Exercise pens are a versatile piece of equipment that can be used to contain your dog in a variety of situations. Many owners carry exercise pens with them when they attend shows or take vacations with their canine companions as exercise pens allow the owner to construct a small turn out area no matter where they are. Making an inexpensive exercise pen is not difficult and will help keep your dog safe in any situation. Lay your wire panel out on a flat surface and measure out 5 four foot long sections with your measuring tape and mark them with your permanent marker. Most exercise pens are made of short sections that can be erected into a spacious pen, then separated and folded up when not in use. Cut the sections with your wire cutters and trim away any sharp ends. Hog wire is made up of rows of small rectangles that make the fencing strong yet light enough to be portable. Set the newly cut panels end to end along the ground and connect them at the top and bottom with a double eye ... more
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