How Do You Make An Insect Trap?

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Certain outdoor insects can ruin your flowers and plants. You can purchase a bug trap to place outdoors or opt to make a homemade version instead. A homemade insect trap is easy to create and does not cost a lot of money since everyday household products are used. Step 1 Get a clear bottle or milk jug. A soda bottle can be ideal for your needs. Attach a string around the mouth of the bottle. The string will be used to hang the jug in a spot in your yard. Step 2 Mix together sugar and vinegar. No need to use exact measurements, simply mix it until it forms a thick and sticky liquid. Step 3 Pour the mixture into the bottom of the insect house that you have created. This can be messy, so you may want to wear gloves when you are transferring the liquid. Step 4 Cut up some fruit. The fruit will be used to attract the insects. Banana peels and apples can be cut small enough to fit into the bottle. Step 5 Add some extra holes to the jug in order to allow the bugs to access the fruit inside. ... more
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