How Do You Make An Item For A Float With Chicken Wire?

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1 Answer

No matter the size or theme of the parade float, chicken wire floats are easy ways to carry out the spirit of the float-building process. With today's easy-to-use floral sheeting, float building doesn't take nearly as long as it used to when float makers filled each hole in the chicken-wire float's structure with tissue paper. These new products are simple to use and come in many colors. Most floral sheeting is plastic, so rain showers on parade day no longer cause the floats to change color. Select the trailer you plan to use for the float. Cover the floor with inexpensive wood sheathing or thin plywood to give the chicken wire structure a solid base. Attach the sheathing so that it can't fall out during the parade. Pay careful attention not to damage the trailer. Design your chicken wire structure. Use 1 by 1 inch lumber or any size scrap lumber that you have on hand to build the structure. Cover the wooden frame with chicken wire. Form the shape of your object as you attach the ... more
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