How Do You Make Animal Sculptures From Recycled Materials?

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1 Answer

Don't throw out your glass jars or your plastic bottles. And, don't throw them into the recycling bin either. Bottles and jars are perfect materials for animal sculptures. Add a bit of whimsy to home decor with brightly colored sculptures of elephants, cats, rabbits or any other animal you feel like creating. The animal sculptures made from recycled materials can also be fun presents for birthdays and holidays. Get ready to gather recycled items from around your house and put them together to make your own menagerie. Find scraps of fabric large enough to cover the lid of your jar. The fabric will become the face of your animal. Use your hot glue gun to outline the edge of the lid. Squiggle some hot glue over the top of the lid then lay it upside down on top of the fabric. Hold the fabric onto the lid around the edges until the hot glue dries and the fabric adheres to the lid. Cut different fabric shapes for ears and body parts such as trunks or tongues. Use fabric glue or the glue ... more
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