How Do You Make Bath Bombs Float?

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1 Answer

Homemade bath bombs are an excellent way to turn an ordinary bath experience into something extraordinary. Making your own bath bombs at home is also very economical and, better yet, allows you to customize your bath bombs to your own preferences. Most store-bought bath bombs retain very little of their fragrance as they break up in the water. They don't float but rather sink to the bottom of the tub. Floating bath bombs keep the fragrance bubbling into the air, plus watching them spin across the water is always fun. Mix the cornstarch, baking soda, essential oil and nut oil in a small bowl until the mixture is fluffy. Add the Epsom salt and citric acid. Mix well. Fill a spray bottle with the witch hazel. Spray the mixture, 2 squirts at a time, until it is moldable. Fill plastic molds, such as toy plastic Easter eggs, with the mixture until it is all used. Fill both ends of the mold tightly and bring together to make one bomb. Gently remove the mold and place the bath bomb on a tray. ... more
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