How Do You Make Biodiesel Fuel Out Of Horse Manure?

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1 Answer

Making biodiesel out of horse manure is a do-it-yourself project that is challenging but rewarding. As it decomposes, horse manure creates a gas called methane that can be harnessed and used as a heat or power source. All gasses, even natural ones, must be handled carefully and by someone with experience. Collect the horse manure. Soiled horse bedding can be used for the biofuel creation process without having to separate out the manure. The straw bedding will decompose along with the manure and the urine will add nitrogen to the process, speeding up the decomposition. Add the soiled bedding to the collection tank portion of the biofuel converter until the tank is half full. Do not pack down the bedding to allow water and air to flow into the open spaces and speed up decomposition. Add 10 gallons of water to the tank. Seal the lid onto the tank securely. Stir the contents of the tank every 4 days for the first 2 weeks, then leave lid closed. Methane will begin to develop in 3 to 4 ... more
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