How Do You Make Boric Acid Eyewash?

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1 Answer

Boric acid has numerous applications, from being used as a pesticide to kill cockroaches to being used in nuclear power plants to slow the rate of fusion to aid in the production of LCD flat-panel displays. When properly diluted in water, boric acid also works as a mild antibiotic against fungal or bacterial infections of the eye and has been used for decades as a home remedy to treat eye ailments of both people and animals. Used as a wash to cleanse and irrigate the eye, boric acid eyewash also provides relief from itching and irritation. Although boric acid solution should not be used to treat serious eye infections or conditions, the eyewash, which is inexpensive to make at home, can provide relief to eye irritation caused by dry eyes, sties, allergies, pollutants and chlorine. Boric acid eyewash can also be used on dogs and cats to treat common eye issues, such as matted or runny eyes. Prepare water. Boil 2 to 3 cups of distilled water for 10 minutes in a clean 2-qt. saucepan. ... more
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