How Do You Make Braided Rug Baskets?

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1 Answer

Braided rug baskets are easy to make and can last a long time. Braided baskets are functional as well. You will be able to store light weight household items, synthetic flowers and much more. Depending on which fabric combinations you want to use, the basket can reflect the color palette you already use or become a colorful accent piece. Choose the fabric you want to use to make your braided rug basket. You can use old clothing, extra fabric from other home decoration projects or you can purchase new fabric from a crafting store. Decide on a pattern or color combination before buying fabric. To determine the size of the braided basket, use a plastic or metal mixing or storage bowl as a mold. You will be wrapping braids around the bowl, so make sure that it's sturdy. Cut fabric into strips that are two inches wide and 12 inches long. Take the ends of two pieces of fabric and place them together on a smooth surface to form an 'L'. Attach the ends using needle and thread. Instead of ... more
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