How Do You Make Bread Loaf Table Decoration?

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1 Answer

Tired of the same old decorations for holidays year after year? Short on money and time? Try the bread loaf table decoration for any time of the year. Preheat the oven per package directions. De-thaw the loaf or loaves of bread. Place one or more loaves of bread into a small or large greased loaf pan. Place in the oven and bake per package directions. Cool bread for twenty minutes and remove from bread tin. Finish cooling the bread. Let bread set out overnight uncovered. Going to a well ventilated area, open the shellac and using the paint brush cover the bread completely with the shellac. Let dry about one day. Shellac again the same way and let dry one more day. When thoroughly dry decide on the type of trims and fabric and ribbon or colors you want to use. Using the pinking shears cut a piece of ribbon or a narrow strip of fabric long enough to go across the bread and under each end and tie into a bow (like a present). Glue with hot glue gun or craft glue trims to go with the ... more
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