How Do You Make Candy Bouquets & Gift Baskets For Profit?

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1 Answer

Candy bouquets are bouquets made out of candy and put in a pleasing arrangement. Gift baskets are baskets given as gifts to friends, relatives and customers for a variety of reasons. If you have an artistic eye and a good business sense you can turn the production and sales of such items into a profitable venture. Decide on the type of basket and bouquet you wish to sell. Will you specialize in certain designs and certain fruit? Or will your business allow people to customize the baskets and bouquets for themselves? Perhaps you speak Spanish and understand the Hispanic market well. Then consider designing items that may appeal to a Hispanic customer celebrating Cinco de Mayo or a quinceanera. Practice creating the baskets and bouquets. Any potential customers will expect the best possible product. All gift baskets should be free of nicks and scratches. Any candy used should be appealing to look at from every angle. Have a friend come over and critique your work. Create several sample ... more
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