How Do You Make Car Wash Signs?

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1 Answer

Car wash signs are a great way to attract attention to the car wash. The right car wash sign can bring in more customers and that means more money. Using different colored markers, write down "CAR WASH" on the poster board. Make sure that you do not take up the whole sign, but that it is prominent on the sign. Making the letters with large stencils is a good idea so that the sign doesn't look sloppy. You should be able to read the sign from approximately 10 to 15 feet away, so that the people in the cars out on the street can read it. In another spot on the poster board, with a contrasting color, use a marker to write what the car wash is for. Make sure if it is a fundraiser, you state that on the sign. Using another contrasting color of marker, write down on the sign how much the car wash costs. If there is no set cost, write that donations are accepted. If you want to get more creative with your car wash signs, then you can add some stickers or draw pictures that have to do with ... more
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