How Do You Make Cardboard Tiki Torches?

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1 Answer

Tiki torch is the common name for a decorative outdoor pole supporting a bright flame. A popular party decoration, these torches add flair to any outdoor gathering, turning the ordinary barbecue into a luau with the light of a match. Tiki torches are traditionally made from bamboo, but with a little planning and ingenuity, you can craft them from recycled household items. You can make your own Tiki torch from old cans, rubber bands and cardboard. Cut the cardboard into rectangles, 2 feet long and 8 inches wide, cutting two pieces for each torch you'd like to make. If you're making 4 torches, for example, you'd need 8 cardboard rectangles. Roll each piece into a tight tube and secure it with rubber bands. Join two pieces of cardboard together with duct tape to make one pole, 4 feet in length. Place the clean, dry soup can on top of the cardboard pole. Secure the can to the pole with duct tape, wrapping tape around both the can and the pole several times. Wrap the tape up the sides of ... more
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