How Do You Make Centerpieces For A Man's Party?

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1 Answer

Men love parties just as much as women do, often thriving on the social interaction of being with friends and family. Though some men don't focus as much on party decorations as women, their parties should still look as attractive and festive as anyone else's. General decorations are usually easy; streamers and balloons need only a color change to go from feminine to masculine. Centerpieces, on the other hand, can be more of a challenge. Fortunately, several options exist for attractive masculine centerpieces. Rinse and dry as many glass jars as you need to make centerpieces. The jars should be pint- to quart-sized with wide mouths. Slip a men's patterned sock over the bottom of each jar, tucking the top of the sock into the jar or cutting off excess as necessary. Argyle, stripes and other specialty patterns work very well. Slip a rectangular cube of flower arranging foam into each jar and stick the stems of artificial plants into the foam. Fake ferns, ficus, chili peppers and ivy ... more
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