How Do You Make Clay Pot People?

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1 Answer

Making clay pot people is a whimsical way to personalize your yard or garden. It doesn't matter if your pots or old, weathered, cracked or stained. These instructions guide you through the basic construction for a small pot person, but it's your imagination and final touch that make your clay pot people come alive. Make the torso first by placing the top rims of the two 8-inch pots together and running the rope through both of them. Hold the two pieces firmly together by tying a knot at each end. Place the bottom of the 6-inch pot on top of the torso, run the rope up through the hole and make a knot to hold them together. This is the head of the clay pot person. If you decide to put an interesting plant in the pot to resemble hair, stabilize it a bit with wire or a large nut and bolt. Assemble each arm and leg separately and using five 4-inch pots for each arm and seven for each leg. Make a knot and string the first pot and then pass the rope through the second pot, allowing a little ... more
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