How Do You Make Columns In Wordpad?


How Do You Make Columns In Wordpad?


WordPad is a word processor that is similar to Notepad. Unlike more advanced word processors like Microsoft Word and Word Perfect, WordPad does not support special formatting, bullets or tables. It is limited in its ability for advanced formatting, but can be used to create and edit web documents with HTML (hypertext markup language). If you have basic HTML design skills, you can learn to make columns to create tables in WordPad. Open WordPad and begin creating your HTML (hypertext markup language) code. Add the following code to your WordPad document: Your Page Title Goes Here Add the following code between your body tag, ““:

Some Information Here

Here’s what the above HTML code represents:

: Creates the table

: Ends the table

: Creates the row

: Ends the row

: Creates the column

: Ends the columns Create a table with multiple columns by adding

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