How Do You Make Concrete Garden Edging?

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1 Answer

Concrete garden edging allows landscapers to create a decorative barrier around the garden that separates it from surrounding landscaping. Concrete edging not only accents and highlights any landscaping, but also can prevent encroachment of weeds and/or other plants into the garden from outside of the border. Making long-lasting concrete garden edging isn't difficult. You only need to create individual concrete forms in precast concrete garden edging molds and then install the forms side-by-side around your garden. Lay your plastic drop cloth on a flat and level surface and then prep your concrete garden edging molds. Pour light-colored vegetable oil onto a paper towel and then smear it across the inside of each mold in a thin layer. The oil helps stop the finished, dry concrete forms from sticking to the molds. After you have coated the inside of each mold, lay the molds--inside facing up--on the plastic drop cloth. Mix your fast-setting concrete. Follow the package instructions for ... more
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