How Do You Make Costumes For A Nativity Scene?

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1 Answer

Live Nativity scenes are popular during the Christmas holidays. Christian churches often host Nativity plays, live Nativity scenes and other events for their congregations. Christian private schools host Christmas programs and pageants with Nativity scenes. Costumes for Nativity scenes are easy to make and very versatile. They can be stored for use year after year, particularly as they do not require a lot of sizing except in height. Identify which costumes need to be made. Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus are absolute fixtures in any Nativity scene. Mary's costume is typically blue and white while Joseph wears earth tones. The baby Jesus can be a swaddled baby doll. Other characters are angels, shepherds and wise men. Take measurements. Measurements can help you fit old costumes and to make new costumes for a Nativity scene. The primary measurements you'll need are height (shoulder to toe), width of shoulders (from tip of left shoulder to tip of right shoulder) and length of torso ( ... more
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