How Do You Make Crystals Using Charcoal?

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1 Answer

It is always fun to watch science in action. Making crystals with charcoal is different than making them with salt or sugar. The "crystals" look more like colorful clouds than crystals and do not harden. The charcoal is a conductor or base. It doesn't actually turn into the crystal. For this reason you can also use cork or sponge for this project if you don't have any charcoal on hand. This method of crystal making uses many more chemicals and ingredients than others. Prepare your charcoal. On a hard surface that can be easily cleaned, break your charcoal into one inch pieces with a hammer. Place these pieces in a single layer along the bottom of a non-metal pan. A pie plate works well for this. Using a spray bottle, wet the pieces of charcoal with water until they are thoroughly soaked, but not lying in puddles of water. Mix your chemicals. In a wide mouthed Mason jar mix six tablespoons of bluing, three tablespoons of ammonia and three tablespoons of non-iodized salt. Mix until all ... more
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