How Do You Make Deer Hoof Gun Racks?

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1 Answer

Hunters usually discard deer hooves after a kill, but in fact they can be recycled to make attractive gun racks. Using the hooves to make a gun rack is also a way to commemorate a person's first harvest or a special hunt. And deer hoof gun racks make nice gifts for beginning hunters. Cut the front legs of the deer off at the knee joint using a hacksaw. Insert the tip of a sharp knife between the hide and bone at the cut portion of the leg. Cut the hide all the way down the backside of the leg to the hoof. Do not stop when you reach the dew claws of the deer; continue to cut all the way to the hoof. Cut below the last knuckle at the hoof to sever the hoof using the hacksaw or wire cutters. Peel the skin off the bone all the way down to the hoof using the knife and pulling with your hands. When you reach the dew claws, use the knife to cut the dew claws away from the leg of the deer. Pull the skin back away from the hoof so as not to cut it accidentally, and cut into each hoof, freeing ... more
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