How Do You Make Dry Black Walnut Powder?

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1 Answer

Dry black walnut powder can contain the nut's shell or hull depending on the powder's intended use. The most common black walnut powders contain ground shells and hulls. Powder made from the hulls is a potent natural dyestuff. It is also occasionally used for medicinal purposes, although, as Brian K. Hammons, president of the Hammons Product Company, points out, no one has yet linked specific health benefits to the product. Powder made from the black walnut shell enhances abrasive products used for cleaning and polishing in industrial and domestic settings. Hammons lists jet engines, musical instruments, ships and jewelry among the items cleaned with black walnut shell powder. Follow the guidelines below to make your own powder from black walnut hulls and shells. Determine the intended use for your black walnut powder. If you want to make a walnut dye for textile and handmade paper dyeing, you will make the powder from the walnut hulls. If you intend to use your walnut powder for ... more
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