How Do You Make Edible Cantaloupe Flowers?

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1 Answer

Edible cantaloupe flowers make a fun addition to any dinner party or event. While you want to impress guests with the taste of the food served, presentation is also important. You can make flowers out of a variety of different types of fruit, ranging from pineapples and apples to melons and strawberries. Cantaloupe offers a great option for flowers in that you can use the entire cantaloupe to make two large flowers or use the interior to make several flowers. Slice a cantaloupe in half, using a sharp knife. Remove the seeds from both halves of the cantaloupe. Make angled cuts around the edges of each side of the melon. The melon's edges will now feature serrated sides, with peaks every inch or so. Fill the center of each melon half with blueberries, raspberries or blackberries. The cantaloupe halves will now resemble large sunflowers. Slice a cantaloupe into 1-inch slices. Press the flower-shaped cookie cutter firmly into the slices of cantaloupe. You should be able to make two to ... more
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