How Do You Make Extreme Potions On Runescape?

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1 Answer

Runescape is an incredibly popular multi-player online game that has many skills and activities to choose from. One of those skills is Herblore. On September 7, 2009, Runescape added nine high level potions to the Herblore skill that have some very interesting effects when used. Skill levels go from 1 to 99, with 99 being the most advanced level possible. These potions range from Level 84 to 96 and some can do incredible damage when used in combat! Some of the new potions are Super potions charged with another ingredient to make them Extreme potions. Here's the biggest difference about these game potions - they can NOT be traded or sold once they have been made! The first new potion is the Recover Special - you need to have Level 84 to make it. You will get 200 experience points for each potion made. Use a Super energy potion with a Papaya. When you sip this potion in the game, it will restore 1/4 of the special attack bar of any weapon you are wielding. Since most weapons with a ... more
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