How Do You Make Fake Giant Lollipops?

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1 Answer

Giant props can really make a costume. Whether you're dressing up for a costume party or putting on a show, large props draw attention and can be seen from afar. Giant lollipops, in particular, are a whimsical and eye-catching prop that can accent a baby's costume or be used in shows like "The Wizard of Oz." These props, however, can be quite costly. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can make your own giant lollipops without emptying your wallet. Step 1 Purchase a 5-foot-by-5-foot sheet of Styrofoam from a local craft or hardware store. The sheet should be about 1 1/2 inches thick. Step 2 Cut the Styrofoam into a large circle with a utility knife. Step 3 With a pencil, draw a swirl onto the cut Styrofoam. Start from the center of the circle and work your way out to the edges. Step 4 With the utility knife, carve into the Styrofoam where you marked with the pencil. This will give the swirl a more three-dimensional look. Be careful not to cut too deeply into the Styrofoam. ... more
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