How Do You Make Faux Amber Polymer Clay Beads?

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1 Answer

Polymer clay is a polymer plastic compound used in much the same way as traditional clays. Substitute polymer clay as an inexpensive and lighter alternative to gemstones in beaded jewelry. With the wide range of polymer clay products available in craft stores, you can create realistic faux amber beads for your next project. Condition the translucent clay by running it through your pasta roller several times. Decrease the size setting each time. Knead the clay in your hands until you can shape it easily. Run the conditioned clay through the pasta roller at the #1 setting. Cut the clay into 3-inch squares with the craft knife. Apply the ink colors (approximately 8 drops yellow, 2 drops each of remaining colors) to the surface of each rectangle. Spread the ink across the entire surface of the rectangles and wipe away any excess ink. Let dry at room temperature. Roll each rectangle into a ball and run through the pasta machine to even the coloring. Roll out the clay on the #1 setting and ... more
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