How Do You Make Floating Dock Plastic Drums?

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1 Answer

Floating boat docks are perfect for a variety of applications. You can build them easily on land and then launch them into service. The easiest method is to build the docks in sections, then fasten sections together to size the dock to your personal needs. Empty plastic 30 gallon drums make great floats. Each one will support 250 pounds, so making a dock section almost 6 feet square using 4 barrels will offer plenty of flotation. Use a circular saw to cut a 12-foot 2 by 6 board into two 69-inch boards. . Cut another 12-foot 2 by 6 into two 63-inch boards. Cut the remaining 12-foot board into two 66-inch lengths. Cut the 8 foot board into one 63-inch board, reserving the remaining piece of wood for later. Cut each of the 5/4 deck boards into two 72-inch lengths. Construct the rectangular shaped outer framework of the dock by screwing through the ends of the 66-inch boards into the ends of the two 69-inch boards using 3 ½ inch screws. When finished, the outside dimension of the frame ... more
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