How Do You Make Glass Doll Eyes?

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1 Answer

To give a doll the look of having real eyes you can make glass eyes for a doll. A doll that has glass eyes will have a shine and look more real. Making glass eyes for a doll is not difficult to do and it can make any doll look that much more lifelike. Read on to learn how to make glass doll eyes. Stick the pins into the Styrofoam. Dip the handle end of the large brush, not the brush end with the bristles, in the paint and carefully dab the center of the pin. Wait for the paint to dry. Take the smaller brush and do the same thing but dab it in black paint and dab it in the center of the color inside the eye in order to make the iris. Wait for the paint to dry. Glass the eyes and then cover them in case you are going to sculpt the doll. Cut the wire off the pins. If you are going to bake the doll you will need to add more gloss after baking it. more
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