How Do You Make Greek Columns From Cardboard?

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1 Answer

Whether you're planning a school play or want a cheap way to spruce up a room for an event, Greek columns made from cardboard may be a good choice. There are three main types of Greek columns---Doric, Ionic and Corinthian---but the main difference is in the column's top (or "capital"). If you want to mix and match, chances are that your audience or guests won't put up a fuss---they'll be too impressed at how good the scenery looks. Decide how tall you want the columns to be. Flatten and cut the boxes with the scissors or the Exacto knife into the longest lengths possible. Lay out the cardboard pieces end-to-end until you've reached the desired length. Choose whether your want Doric, Ionic or Corinthian columns and skip to the appropriate section. Doric columns are plain and powerful, Ionic columns are slender and elegant and Corinthian columns are tall and decorative. Start your cut at the lower end of your column. Doric columns are wide at the base and become narrower at the top. ... more
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