How Do You Make Gullah/Geechee Goat?

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Learn how to make a Gullah/Geechee delicacy: Goat! The day before cooking, wash the goat thoroughly. Then place the goat in a large roaster/pot filled with approximately one gallon of water. Pour in half a bottle of vinegar(to tenderize and tame some of the wildness of its flavor). Place in refrigerator and let sit over night. Turn oven on to 375 degrees. Remove the goat from refrigerator and wash again. Chop Bell Peppers and Onions. Layer bottom of roaster/pot with Bell Peppers and onions. Season liberally with garlic salt,thyme and paprika.(You may also add salt and pepper,to taste). Place goat in roaster. Put in remaining onions and Bell Peppers. Cover dish. Cook for 3- 4 hours, basting with white wine and juices; alternating every twenty minutes to half an hour. Remove from oven and place on platter. Cut into smaller sections. Serve with white rice, vegetable of your choice and favorite red wine. more
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