How Do You Make Helium Balloons Last Longer?

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1 Answer

The ultimate buoyant treat for any special occasion, balloons have been a cherished part of birthdays, weddings and other events since "Little House on the Prairie" inflated pig stomachs. Gross, but it shows how far people will go for the simple brilliance of a balloon. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Eventually, the helium will leak out and your balloon will sag to the ground, a mere husk of its formerly joyous presence. That's not to say that there's nothing you can do. In fact, there are quite a few small tips that can greatly extend the life of your balloons. Step 1 Pre-inflate with air before using valuable helium. Not only will this ensure that no helium is being spent on a defective balloon, pre-inflating can also aid in a balloon's longevity. By first inflating with air, the balloon is stretched, ensuring that when helium is used, the balloon is filled to a taut capacity that won't droop over time. Step 2 Store balloons in a trash bag before and after use. The main ... more
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