How Do You Make Herb Oil For Dipping Bread Like Carrabba's Restaurant?

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1 Answer

Don't you just love to indulge in the homemade bread and herb dipping oils at Italian Restaurants like Carrabba's? Yum. If you can't afford to go out to a restaurant and eat this, here is a recipe you will find fast and easy to do and VERY delicious at home. Make sure you buy some good crusty Italian bread from your local deli or restaurant, break it up into pieces and serve it with the dipping oil to make it a superb appetizer for your Italian Dinner! Great idea for a dinner party appetizer or just a way to spoil the ones you love when you serve their favorite lasagne or spaghetti dinner. Ciao! Combine dry ingredients. Mix well and pour out on a deep plate or flat bowl. Pour Olive Oil over herbs. Stir slowly to combine. Serve with fresh-baked crusty Italian Bread pieces and dip away!! Yum! more
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