How Do You Make Homemade Plant Fertilizer?

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1 Answer

There is no need to spend money on feeding your house plants expensive fertilizers and chemicals. There is an easy way to make homemade plant fertilizer with products that you use at home every day. Save your empty milk gallon jug containers or milk cartons. Once they are empty, instead of putting them in the recycle bin, fill them up with water and use the rinsewater/milk mixture to water your houseplants. The nutrients in the milk residue such as Nitrogen and Potassium will mix with the water to provide a nice meal for your plants. Save your orange juice containers after you finish the juice. Completing the step above with your empty orange juice containers will help provide needed nutrients to your houseplants without having to buy any expensive plant fertilizers. Save your empty apple juice or other juice containers. Fill them with water and dump the rinsewater mixed with juice residue on your houseplants to provide a nice boost of homemade plant fertilizer that will include ... more
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